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We have been making and sourcing quality products to make a motorcyclist's travelling life easier since 1997.

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Over 35 years of experience on the road has been applied to my designs and approach to service.

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A Open Letter to the Victorian Government re: Moto GP 26 - Jun - 2016

A Open Letter to the Victorian Government re: Moto GP

Many of the riders who attended the Moto GP on Philip Island over the last few years feel victimised as a result of being checked, checked and rechecked for rego, roadworthy and alcohol. It’s nothing for a group of attendees to be pulled over t...

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Feed 'em poison 17 - Jun - 2016

Feed 'em poison

Nunc sit amet accumsan risus. Nullam volutpat ipsum vel tincidunt viverra. Aliquam nec porta odio, a mollis leo. Curabitur dui augue, tristique quis rutrum ut, mollis eget augue. Integer placerat enim...

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